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I love a challenge.

There’s no better feeling than pushing yourself to achieve something amazing. I have listed below a number of events I have taken part in, achievements I conquered and medals I have achieved


West Glam Morgan -50m & 100m Freestyle and Butterfly champion

Welsh solo Acrobatic champion with many other awards for duets and trios over the years

Martial Arts

Black Belt and qualified kick boxer- awarded by The World United Martial Arts Federation in 2012


Ironman UK Finisher 2015

Cotswolds Half Ironman Triathlon

Palma Marathon

Velethon Wales

Sarn Helen cycle

Bath Half

Cardiff Half

Llanelli Marathon

Llanelli Half

Swansea 10K

Cotswold Half

North Marathon

Cardiff 10k

A variety of distance cycling races and shorter running events over the years

A runner for Celtic Tri women’s Cross Country team

Swimming Endurance

Fun events

Total Wipe Out (where the name Katietrainalot came from)

2 mile Cement Hill Run

Tough Mudder winter warrior

Tough Mudder summer fun

Dirty Weaker 20 mile 200 obstacle race

Men’s Health Survival of Fittest X3

3 Peak Mountain Race Challenge


With many more challenges, races and achievements yet to come….watch this space!