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Success Stories

I started raining with Katie as I wanted to improve my personal fitness and generally tone my body. Training with Katie has made me feel more confident, positive and fitter.
Katie gives a lot of positive encouragement which motivates me to reach my personal goals. You should train with Katie because she makes a hard workout fun!!!

Julie, 49

We train together twice a week with Katie.
Having had a break from training for a bit, starting back with Katie has brought back our motivation making us feel happier and healthier. After sessions we always feel like we’ve worked hard and feel great for the rest of the day, despite aching sometimes!

Fun! Sessions with Katie are always fun, even if you’re sweating and out of breath from a hard work out! Katie is also great at keeping sessions really varied with something different every week. Katie plans great sessions and always motivates you to keep going! You can work at different levels of intensity to suit your strengths and work to increase strengths in other areas. You’ll always come out of a session smiling! Red and sweaty but smiling nonetheless!

Libby, Gemma & Rachel

(all train together)

I started training to tone up, lose weight and improve overall shape. Training has boosted my confidence, improved my motivation and overall wellbeing. Most importantly, it’s helped my stamina, which I really need when looking after my very busy 3 year old.
Katie is an excellent trainer, she varies your exercise programme ensuring each session is a new challenge. She listens to what you want to achieve and ensures your doing the right exercises to achieve your goals.
People should choose Katie as their personal trainer because she practices what she preaches and is a brilliant role model for anyone wanting to improve their fitness/ shape. She’s easy to get along with and passionate about her work.

Nia (33)

“I would definitely recommend training with Katie.”

I started personal training because I felt so tired & sluggish, wanted to lose weight and to get toned up ready for a beach holiday in 6 months.   I had lost my motivation for training and needed to find a way to get motivated again –  I have a home gym and never actually used it.  I also didn’t think joining a gym was going to work as I needed to be motivated to actually go to the gym!   So I started looking at personal trainers.

I found Katie and started training twice a week and thought initially I would train, loose weight  and get toned up for the holiday I had 6 months later, and then perhaps carry on training in my home gym plus running as I had done for years. I was having fun and I lost weight (about 7 lbs) over the 6 months and really toned up.  My energy level improved and I was enjoying training with Katie so much that I carried on training after my holiday, (which was nearly 2 years ago).

Katie always makes our session’s fun, different, motivating us and keeping our bodies guessing what is coming next which is great to get toned, lose weight and get fitter. I would definitely recommend training with Katie. She will help you achieve your goals, get you motivated and help with tips on diet and nutrition – also key to toning up and losing weight.   If you haven’t exercised for years or you just want to top up your training for a marathon or any other event Katie will tailor your training just for you, and even make it FUN!!

Sharon & Linda

(train together)